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Age of Ultron Plot Story

While traveling through time and space, the Fantastic Four are contacted by the Black Panther, who informs them that Ultron has taken over Earth with the army of Ultron’s Guardians. Back on Earth, the team discovers that Manhattan is almost in ruins. In search of survivors, the Guardians of Ultron attack them. Mister Fantastic, Human Torch, and the Thing seemingly die as a result of the attack, while Invisible Woman escapes with She-Hulk, where they join the resistance.

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Visiting old friends George Smith, a former stuntman, and Richard Fenster in San Francisco, Black Widow spent the day with them. When a squad of Ultron’s Guardians begins to attack San Francisco and kill people, Richard becomes one of the victims, and Black Widow and George escape. After that, George Smith’s prosthetic arm came under Ultron’s control, and he began to obey Ultron. The Black Widow was forced to kill George Smith and was partially disfigured in the process. Captain Marvel is resting in London when Ultron’s Guardians invade. She fights them alongside Captain Britain and MI13. After Computer Graham and the Magic Bots Mel are killed, Captain Marvel and Captain Britain sacrifice their lives to destroy Ultron’s main force in London.

Victor Mancha brought the children to one of the old fugitive bases in Los Angeles. Victor believes that if he uses his machine abilities, he will help Ultron win. He does not tell any of his new friends about his past, because he is afraid that they will not accept him. Flashbacks reveal that all of his Runaway teammates were killed by Ultron and that Victor kept digital versions of them in his memory banks, but these files appear to be corrupted as they tell him to become more machine-like and less human. Ultron’s sentries take cover and begin killing the children Victor saved. Victor decides to fight the Guardians of Ultron, deciding that if this is the end, he will go insane.

After saving Hawkeye, Otto Octavius, whose mind secretly took over Spider-Man’s body weeks before Ultron’s attack, reflects on how the world went bad after Ultron’s invasion. Iron Man finds him and persuades him to help the heroes. Octavius’s job at Horizon Labs could be a key element in defeating Ultron. While the heroes are planning a way to infiltrate Ultron’s fortress, Iron Man shows Otto the device he developed while he was the director of the SS The Baxter Building, which contained the necessary technology, has disappeared, but Iron Man reveals that Max has Modella has some of these at Horizon Labs.

They plan to get inside Horizon so that Otto can build the Central Device, and Mercury will place the remaining parts around Ultron’s Fortress. Otto and Mercury reach the Horizon laboratory where Max Modell died. Otto decides to prepare his own counterplan instead of sticking to Iron Man’s plan. After activating his spider bot and luring Ultron’s minions into the lab, Otto uses his spider bots to take control of Ultron’s Guardians. He plans to use the Guardians of Ultron to infiltrate Ultron’s stronghold and defeat him. Reaching out through what he considers to be Ultron, Otto feels the pain and agony that the central block suffers from. Otto suddenly realizes that it is not Ultron, but someone he is manipulating. Ultron’s protection pushes Otto outward, causing him to lose control of Ultron’s Guardians, forcing him to flee.

After traveling back in time and immediately following the theft of Nick Fury’s hovercar, Wolverine and Invisible Woman discuss a plan to confront Henry Pym over his creation of Ultron, while Invisible Woman reminds Wolverine that they must keep their actions to a minimum, otherwise, there will be a risk causing harm. massive butterfly effect. In the middle of the trip, their car breaks down, so they find the underground S.H.I.E.L.D. base to find an energy cell for the car and return to your mission. Upon entering the base, they choose different paths: Wolverine heads to the energy cell, and the invisible woman searches for the whereabouts of Henry Pym. Wolverine crashes into the laboratory where the Brood creature was kept.

Wolverine pulls him out of captivity, but he attacks him and tries to produce offspring inside his body. Wolverine fights the creature’s brood and takes its offspring out of its body. He then discovers that other creatures of the pack in the laboratory have begun to evolve and adapt to the damage caused by Wolverine’s attacks. Meanwhile, the Invisible Woman breaks into the observation room to find out the whereabouts of Henry Pym. She discovers that SHIELD. oversees every location, including the Baxter Building. She then begins to question the crossing of the line and wonders if she should tell the previous version of Mister Fantastic that SHIELD is a problem. followed him. Once their job is done, they both leave SHIELD. and go in search of Pym, changing roles: Logan tries to reason with Pym, and Sue is determined to do whatever it takes.

In the youth of the Twins of the Apocalypse, Kang the Conqueror leads them from the concentration camps to his palace in 4145 AD. They then embark on a mission to assassinate Colonel America at a time when history has been changed by Wolverine and the Invisible Woman. The mission of the Twins of the Apocalypse fails, but they manage to kill Havok and the Rogue of that reality, who were the first lives they took. In punishment for their failure, Kang sends the Twins back to the concentration camps.

In a diverging timeline created by the death of Henry Pym, Morgan le Fay and her husband Doctor Doom conquer half the planet. Le Fay and Doom’s daughter Caroline hires Hippolyta to avenge her abandoning her as a child. In Latveria, Caroline and Hippolyta discover that Doctor Doom has died and is replaced by Hippolyta’s father Ares. Hippolyta defeats Ares and regains control of the Amazons who were subdued by Ares.

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