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Batman The Killing Joke Comic Plot Story

The Man Who Will Become The Joker Is An Anonymous Engineer Who Quits His Job At A Chemical Company To Become A Comedian, But Fails Miserably. Desperate To Support His Pregnant Wife Jeannie, He Agrees To Guide Two Criminals Through The Chemical Factory Where He Previously Worked So They Can Rob The Neighboring Playing Card Company. While Planning, The Police Inform Him That His Wife And Unborn Child Died In A Domestic Accident. Overwhelmed With Grief, The Engineer Tries To Withdraw From The Plan, But The Criminals Force Him To Keep His Promise.

At The Factory, Criminals Make Him Don A Special Mask To Become The Infamous Red Hood. As Previously Told To The Engineer By The Criminals, They Use This Disguise To Involve Any Accomplice As Mastermind And Distract Themselves. Once Inside, They Encounter Security Personnel, A Shootout Ensues And The Two Criminals Are Killed. The Engineer Is Confronted By Batman, Who Is Investigating The Disturbance.

Terrified, The Engineer Jumps Into The Lock Of The Chemical Plant’s Impound To Escape Batman And Is Carried Away By A Pipe Leading Outside. Once Outside, He Is Horrified To Find That The Chemicals Have Permanently Bleached His Skin Chalk White, Stained His Lips Ruby ​​red, And Dyed His Hair Emerald Green. The Engineer’s Disfigurement, Compounded By The Loss Of His Family, Drives Him Completely Insane And Marks The Birth Of The Joker.

It Is Implied That He Has No Recollection Of This Incident, Saying That “sometimes I Remember It One Way, Sometimes Another. If I Have To Have A Past, I Prefer It To Be Multiple Choice!
The Joker, After Leaving The Chemical Waste Sector. Art By Brian Bolland And John Higgins.

These Days, Batman Travels To Arkham Asylum To Chat With The Joker About The End Of Their Multi-year Feud, Only To Find The Joker Has Escaped And Put A Decoy In His Place. Soon After, The Joker Shoots Barbara Gordon In The Stomach And Kidnaps Her Father, Commissioner James W. Gordon. The Bullet Penetrates Barbara’s Spine, Permanently Paralyzing Her.

The Joker Has Gordon Beaten By His Henchmen, Then Takes Him To A Run Down Amusement Park Where He Cages Him In The Park’s Monster Show. The Joker Forces Gordon To Go On One Of The Rides In The Park And See Enlarged Photos Of An Injured Barbara, Lying Naked On The Floor Of Her Apartment After The Shooting. Once Gordon Performs The Horrific Gauntlet, The Joker Flaunts Him In Front Of The Monsters In The Park, Ridiculing Him As “the Average Man,” A Naive Weakling Bent On Insanity.

Batman’s Attempts To Locate Commissioner Gordon Fail Until The Joker Sends Him An “invitation” Which Leads Him To The Amusement Park. Batman Arrives To Save Gordon And The Joker Retreats To The Funhouse. Although Traumatized By The Ordeal, Gordon Retains His Sanity And Moral Code, And He Insists That Batman Capture The Joker “by The Book” In Order To “show Him That Our Way Works”.

Batman Enters The Funhouse And Dodges The Traps Of The Joker, While The Joker Tries To Persuade His Nemesis That Life And The World Is “a Dark And Horrible Joke” That Is Not Worth Fighting For, That ” Anything Anyone Has Ever Valued Or Looked For For A Pretty Monstrous, Demented Gag, “and It Just Takes One” Bad Day “to Drive An Ordinary Man Crazy.

Batman Subdues The Joker And Tells Him That Gordon Has Survived His Torments, And Suggests That The Joker Is Alone In His Madness. He Tries To Reach Out To The Joker And Offers To Help Him Recover In Order To End Their Eternal War, Which Batman Says Could One Day Result In A Fight To The Death. The Joker Refuses, Claiming It Is “too Late For That. Far Too Late”. He Then Says That This Situation Reminds Him Of A Joke About Two Insane Asylum Inmates Trying To Escape.

One Inmate Jumps Over A Narrow Space Between The Asylum And The Neighboring Building, But The Other Is Afraid Of Falling. The First Inmate Offers To Aim His Flashlight At The Space So The Other Can Pass Through The Beam, But The Second Inmate Responds, “What Do You Think I Am, Crazy?” Batman Laughs At The Punchline, And As The Two Former Enemies Share A Laugh, Batman Grabs The Joker As The Police Arrive.

Batman The Killing Joke Ending

When Batman Reaches Arkham’s Hideout To End His Feud With The Joker, He Realizes That His Nemesis Has Escaped The Facility And Placed Decoy. Soon, The Joker’s Escape Turns Into A Fatal Plan: He Shoots Barbara Gordon In The Stomach And Kidnaps Commissioner Gordon. Gordon Is Imprisoned For Entertainment.

Batman Soon Arrives At The Amusement Park To Rescue The Commissioner, But Learns About The Park After Receiving An Invitation From The Joker Himself. But To Make It More Interesting, The Joker Sets Many Traps For Batman. The Joker Tries To Influence Him With His Dark Humor, But Batman Saves Gordon.

Batman Also Subdues The Joker, Inviting Him To Recover From A Traumatic Past. But The Joker Declines His Offer. The Joker Ends Up Telling A Joke To Batman. These Two Laugh Heartily At This. This Moment Proves That Batman And Joker Are Not Much Different From Each Other, But They Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin.

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