Black Clover

Rating: 4 out of 5.
  • Black Clover
  • Burakku Kurōbā
  • ブラッククローバー

Black Clover Plot Story In English

The Series Focuses On Asta, An Orphaned Parent Left To Build A Flock Of Children Behind His Older Brother, Yuno. While All Human Beings Are Born With The Ability To Exert Power In The Form Of Magnetic Energy, Asta Has No Magnetism, However, Rather Than The Value Of Physical Energy.

On The Other Hand, Yuno Was Born A Magician With A Talent To Control Magnetic Winds. Encouraged By A Desire To Be The Next Wizard King, The Second Ruler In The King Of Clover Kingdom, The Young Duo Develop A Friendship Competition. Yuno Gets A Story Your Recommended Grimoire Was Created By The First Wizard King. The Four-leaf Grimoire A Rare Grimoire, Only Given To The Most Powerful Men.

Asta, Despite The Lack Of Magic, Find The Lost Hand-your Grimoire Features The Mysterious Elf Sword And The Lost Body Of The Devil As The Very Use Of Anti-magic. Eventually, He And Yuno Each Joined The Magic Knight Squad The First Step In Fulfilling Their Ideas.

Asta Joins The Black Cows Alongside Noelle Silva While Yuno Was Representing Golden Dawn, Selling At A Number Of Parties While Competing With A Threatening Group That Caught The Eye Of The Afternoon So, His Leader Was Modeled By A Devil In Modeling Judicial Behavior Against Tisa.

By The Kingdom Of Clover At The Time Of Its Founding. The Magic Triad Then Meets The Dark Triad The Spade Kingdom, And Asta And Yuno Teach Their Devils’ Effects On Their Lives And The Dark Triad Is Designed To Expose Demons To Their World.

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