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Death Note Manga Plot In English

In Tokyo, A High School Student Named Light Yagami Received The “Death Note”, A Mysterious Black Book That Can Kill Someone If The User Knows Both The Name And Face Of The Victim. The Focus. At First Terrified Of Its Divine Power, The Enlightenment Figured Out What The Death Note Could Accomplish And Kill Japanese Elites, Then Focused On International Criminals.

Five Days After The Book Was Received, The Light Was Visited By Ryuk, The “Shinigami” And Owner Of The Death Note. Ryuk, Seen By Anyone Who Hasn’t Touched The Notebook, Reveals That He Dropped The Notebook On The Human World Out Of Frustration And Disapproval Of Light’s Actions.

As Criminals Around The World Die From Unexplained Accidents And Heart Problems, The Global Media Has Recommended One Ruler Responsible For Misunderstanding The Killers And Dubbed It “Kira”. With The Intention Of Arresting Kira, Interpol Enlisted The Help Of A Dangerous Police Consultant, Named L, To Assist In Their Investigation. Proving That Kira Is Based In Japan, L Lies To Understand By Placing Her In The Kanto Region On The Pretext That She Is Going To Kill A Fraud.

In Great Anger And Lightness He Vowed To Kill L, Whom He Thought Was Interfering With His Plans. The Cleansing Of L Kira Is Being Seen In The Japanese Police Investigation, Led By Light’s Father, Soichiro Yagami. On Suspicion That “Kira” May Have Family Ties With Members Of The “Kira” Investigation, L Appointed A Team Of Fbi Agents To Monitor The Families Of Those Associated With The Investigation And L Self -educated Selected Understanding The Most Suspicious. Meanwhile, Molly Graduated From High School To College. L Used Intelligence Within The Kira Task Force, Along With Trying To Encourage Each Other To Reveal Important Information.

Singer Misa Amane, Who Received A Second Death Note From A Shinigami Named Rem, Made An Appointment With Rem For Shinigami Eyes, Which Allowed Him To Kill Knowing Only The Face, In The Middle Of His Life. Seeking To Become Light And Her Boyfriend, Misa Doesn’t Reveal Her Identity As Kira, But Moli Has Another Reason: She Intends To Use Misa’s Shinigami Eyes To Reveal Ll O’s Real Name. Misa’s Absence Was Probably Kira’s Second And Stopped. Rem Threatens To Kill Moli If He Can’t Find A Way To Save Misa. Light Sets Up A Program For Him And Misa To Clear Up Temporary Things About The Death Note, And Rem Also Takes The Death Note To A Villain, Kyosuke Higuchi Of The Yotsuba Group.

With The Memory Of The Death Cleansing Extinguished, Light Participates In The Investigation And, Together With L, Removes Higuchi’s Symptoms And Arrests Him. The Lights Flash Memories And Use The Death Note To Kill Higuchi, Bringing Back The Book. Recalling Misa’s Memories, Light Orders Her To Start Killing People Like Kira, Causing L To Suspect Misa. Understanding That Light’s Investigations Led To Misa Being Captured And Killed, Rem Realizes That Light’s Plan Is Always To Make His Sacrifice To Kill L, Because The Shinigami Doesn’t Kill Anyone. To Prevent The Death Of A Person. After L Is Killed, He Is Exhausted And The Light Finds His Book Of Death. The Working Group Has Not Announced L’s Death And Has Agreed To Make Light A New Replacement For L. With Light Of L And Kira, The Investigation Is Still Pending But Is Ongoing. Down Crime Because There Was No Longer A Threat Of Arrest.

Four Years Later, Churches That Worshiped Kira Sprang Up. The Two Young Boys, Who Grew Up And May Have Represented L, Are Shown: Close To Mello. Knowing That L Is Dead, They Assume That Light, Now L, Is A Suspect. Mello, With The Help Of The Mafia, Kidnaps Light’s Sister, Causing The Death Of Her Father During A Rescue Mission. Now That Misa Is Suspected Again, The Light Has Passed On Misa’s Death With The Strong Support Of Kira, Teru Mikami. He Also Appointed Writer Kiyomi Takada As Kira’s Agent. Knowing Takada Is Connected To Kira, Mello Kidnaps Her.

Takada Kills Mello But Is Killed By Light. Mikami Forged Close Ties With Kira And Arranged A Meeting Between Light And Members Of The Current Kira Task Force. The Lamp Tries To Kill The Nearby Mikami And All The Workers, But Mikami’s Death Note Doesn’t Work, Changing Into A Trick. Clearing Mikami’s Name Written Down, Only Moli Is Missing, Confirming The Light Of Kira. Understands That He Was Seriously Injured In An Argument And Asks Ryuk To Write Down The Names Of Everyone Involved. Ryuk Wrote Light’s Name On His Death Note, As Light Mentions That He Was The God Of The New World Before He Died.

Three Years Later, Up Close, Now Working On The New L, Word Came That A New Kira Had Emerged. Hearing That The New Kira Had Accidentally Murdered People, It Came To The Conclusion That The New Kira Was A Seeker – And Found The New Kira To Be “tired” And Useless. A Shinigami Named Midora Goes To Ryuk And Takes Him An Apple From The Human Kingdom, In A Bet To See If A Great Lady Can Be The New Kira, But Midora Doesn’t Get The Bet. When The Man Writes His Own Name On Death Note After Listening To Ryuk’s Announcement To Tell Midora That There Is No One Better In The Light Than The New Kira.

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