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  • Dragon Ball
  • Doragon Bōru
  • ドラゴンボール

Dragon Ball Plot Story

Earth, Known As The Dragon World And Designated By The Celestial Hierarchy As “Planet 4032-877,” Earth Is The Primary Location For The Entire Dragon Ball Series, As Well As Associated Media Such As Dr. Slump, Nekomagin And Jaco, The Galactic Patrol. They Are Mainly Earthlings, A Term Used To Refer To All Sentient Races That Inhabit The Planet, Including Humans, Anthropomorphic Creatures, And Monsters.

Since The Dragon Ball Z Series, Various Alien Species Such As Sayyans And Hints Have Played A More Prominent Role In Franchised Media.

Dragon Ball’s Narrative Largely Follows Goku’s Adventures. After Meeting Bulma At The Start Of The Series, The Two Set Out On An Adventure To Collect Seven Dragon Balls. Later, Goku Undergoes Martial Arts Training With Master Roshi, Meets His Longtime Friend Krillin And Participates In A World Martial Arts Tournament To Fight The Strongest Warriors On The Planet.

When The Evil King Piccolo, And Later His Offspring Piccolo, Try To Conquer The Planet, Goku Receives Training From The Deities Of The Earth To Defeat Them.

Goku Later Sacrifices His Life To Save The Planet From His Torn Brother Raditz, But Later Travels To The Afterlife Under The Tutelage Of King Kai To Save Her From The Other Approaching Saiyan, Nappa, And Vegeta. He Later Becomes Super Saiyan And Defeats The Powerful Tyrant Freeza. This Sets The Tone For The Rest Of The Series, As Each Character’s Enemy Grows Stronger Than The Last, Requiring Further Training From Them.

Dragon Ball Super Claims That The Franchise Takes Place In A Multiverse Consisting Of Twelve Numbered Universes, Each Ruled By A Number Of Benevolent And Evil Deities, Respectively Called Supreme Qais, And Gods Of Destruction Appointed By A Supreme Being Called The Great. Zeno, Who Oversees The Multiverse Together.

With The High Priest, The Father Of All Angels. Almost All Episodes Of Dragon Ball, With The Exception Of Parts Of Dragon Ball Super, Take Place In Universe 7. The Years On The Timeline Are Called “centuries”, With Most Of The Story Taking Place Between 749 And 790.

Several Planets. Including The Fictional Earth, Where Humans Live, And The Planet Vegeta, The Homeworld Of The Saiyan, A Powerful And Destructive Race. Many Other Races Also Inhabit The 7th Universe, Including Angels, Demons, Androids, Tafls, And Hints. Humans Are One Of The Weakest Races In The Universe. The Main Character Goku Grew Up As A Human On Earth But Learns That He Is Actually Saiyan From The Planet Vegeta.

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