Fruits Basket (Furutsu Basuketto)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
  • Fruits Basket
  • Furūtsu Basuketto
  • Furuba
  • Fruba
  • フルーツバスケット

Fruits Basket Manga Plot In English

When High School Student Tohru Honda’s Mother Dies In A Car Accident, Tohru Decides To Live With His Grandfather. House Renovations And An Unfriendly And Unkind Family Member Force Her To Temporarily Move From Her Grandfather’s House. Tohru Declines An Offer To Stay With One Of Her Two Close Friends, As She Does Not Want To Impose On Them. Since She Has Nowhere Else To Go, Tohru Begins To Live In A Tent And Support Herself.

However, Upon Discovering The Neighboring House Where Her Popular Classmate Yuki Soma And His Cousin Shigure Live, And After A Landslide Destroyed Her Tent, Tohru Moves To Soma’s House. On Her First Day There, She Meets Kyo, Yuki, And Her Red-haired Cousin Shigure, Who Breaks Through The Ceiling And Challenges Yuki To A Fight.

Tohru Tries To Stop Him And – Accidentally Falling Into Him – Forces Him To Transform Into A Cat In Front Of Her, Discovering The Soma Family Curse That Twelve Family Members, With The Exception Of Kyo, Are Possessed By The Spirits Of The Chinese Zodiac. , And Transform Into Their Zodiac Animal When They Are Weak, Stressed, Embarrassed, Or When Hugged By Someone Of The Opposite Sex.

When Tohru Discovers Soma’s Family Secret, She Promises Not To Tell Anyone And Can Continue To Live With Them. Although Soma’s Curse Is Much Deeper And Darker Than Thor Originally Thought, Her Presence And Acceptance Of It Soon Had A Great Positive Impact On Those Obsessed With The Zodiac.

She Sets Out To Break The Curse And Along The Way Meets And Discovers The Vengeful Zodiacal Spirits Of Soma, Including Their Leader Akito, Who Holds The Position Of “God” In Chinese Legends, And Who Holds The Family Together And Fetters Them. Their Spirit.

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