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Naruto Plot Story

Part – I

The Powerful Fox Known As The Nine-tails Attacks Konoha, The Hidden Leaf Village In The Land Of Fire, One Of The Five Great Shinobi Countries In The Ninja World. In Response, The Leader Of Konoha And The Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze And His Wife Kushina Uzumaki Seal The Fox In The Body Of Their Newborn Son Naruto Uzumaki, Turning Naruto Into An Army Of The Beast, It Costs Naruto’s Father His Life, And The Third Hokage Returns From Retirement To Become The Leader Of Konoha Again.

The People Of Konoha Often Despise Naruto For Being The Master Of The Nine-tails. Due To The Third Hokage’s Decree Forbidding Any Mention Of These Events, Naruto Does Not Learn Anything About The Nine-tails Until 12 Years Later, When Mizuki, A Renegade Ninja, Reveals The Truth To Naruto. Naruto Then Defeats Mizuki In Battle, Earning The Respect Of His Teacher Iruka Umino.

Shortly Thereafter, Naruto Becomes A Ninja And Teams Up With Sasuke Uchiha, Whom He Often Competes With, And Sakura Haruno, With Whom He Has A Crush, To Form Team 7, Led By The Experienced Sensei, The Elite Ninja Kakashi Hatake. Like All Ninja Teams From Every Village, Team 7 Takes On The Tasks The Villagers Ask For, From Doing Chores And Bodyguards To Committing Assassinations.

After Several Missions, Including The Main One In The Land Of Waves, Kakashi Allows Team 7 To Pass The Ninja Exam, Allowing Them To Advance To Higher Rank And Complete More Challenging Missions Known As Chuunin Exams. During The Exams, Orochimaru, A Wanted Criminal, Invades Konoha And Kills The Third Hokage Out Of Revenge. Jiraiya, One Of The Three Legendary Ninja, Renounces The Title Of Fifth Hokage And, Together With Naruto, Searches For Tsunade, Whom He Prefers To Become The Fifth Hokage.

During The Search, It Is Revealed That Orochimaru Wants To Train Sasuke Due To His Powerful Genetic Heritage, The Sharingan. After Sasuke Tries And Fails To Kill His Older Brother Itachi, Who Appeared In Konoha To Kidnap Naruto, He Joins Orochimaru, Hoping To Gain Strength From Him To Kill Itachi.

The Story Changes When Sasuke Leaves The Village: Tsunade Dispatches A Group Of Ninja, Including Naruto, To Bring Sasuke Back, But Naruto Is Unable To Convince Or Force Him To Return. Naruto And Sakura Do Not Give Up On Sasuke: Naruto Leaves Konoha To Study With Jiraiya To Prepare For His Next Meeting With Sasuke, While Sakura Becomes Tsunade’s Student.

Part – II

Two And A Half Years Later, Naruto Returns From Training With Jiraiya. Akatsuki Begins To Kidnap Armies Of Powerful Tailed Beasts. Team 7 And The Other Leaf Ninja Fight Against Them And Seek Out Their Teammate Sasuke. Akatsuki Managed To Capture And Reclaim The Seven Tailed Beasts, Killing Everyone Except Gaara, Who Is Now The Kazekage. Meanwhile, Sasuke Betrays Orochimaru And Confronts Itachi For Revenge.

After Itachi Dies In Battle, Sasuke Learns From Akatsuki Founder Tobi That Konoha’s Superiors Ordered Itachi To Destroy His Clan In Order To Prevent A Coup, He Agreed On Condition That Sasuke Be Spared. Devastated By This Revelation, Sasuke Joins Akatsuki To Destroy Konoha In Revenge.

When The Konoha Ninja Defeat Several Akatsuki Members, Akatsuki’s Nominal Leader, Nagato, Kills Jiraiya And Devastates Konoha, But Naruto Defeats Him And Redeems Him, Earning The Village’s Respect And Admiration.

After Nagato’s Death, Tobi Disguised Himself As Madara Uchiha. One Of The Founding Fathers Of Konoha Announces That He Wants To Capture All Nine-tailed Beasts In Order To Create An Illusion of Powerful Enough To Control All Of Humanity And Achieve World Peace.

The Leaders Of The Five Ninja Villages Refuse To Help Him And Instead Join Forces To Confront His Faction And Allies. This Decision Leads To The Fourth Shinobi World War Between The Combined Armies Of The Five Great Nations Known As The Allied Shinobi Forces And The Zombie-like Akatsuki Ninja Forces.

The Five Kage Try To Hold Naruto, Unaware Of The War, On Secret Turtle Island Near Hidden Cloud Village Kumogakure, But Naruto Finds Out About This And Escapes From The Island With The Killer Bee, The Master Of The Eight-tails. At This Time, Naruto, Along With The Killer Bee, Gains Control Over His Tailed Beast, And The Two Of Them Are Sent To The Battlefield.

During The Conflict, It Is Revealed That Tobi Is Obito Uchiha, Kakashi’s Former Teammate Who Was Believed To Be Dead. The Real Madara Saved Obito’s Life And They’ve Been Cooperating Ever Since. While Sasuke Studies Konoha’s History, Including The Circumstances Leading To The Fall Of His Clan, He Decides To Protect The Village And Reunites With Naruto And Sakura To Thwart Madara And Obito’s Plans. However, Madara’s Body Turns Out To Be Kaguya Otsutsuki, An Ancient Princess Who Intends To Subjugate All Of Humanity. The Reformed Obito Sacrifices Himself To Help Team 7 Stop Her.

Once Kaguya Is Sealed, Madara Also Dies. Sasuke Takes Advantage Of The Situation And Takes Control Of All The Tailed Beasts, Revealing His Goal – To End The Existing Village System. Naruto Confronts Sasuke To Dissuade Him From His Plan, And After They Nearly Killed Each Other In The Final Battle, Sasuke Admits Defeat And Recovers

After The War, Kakashi Becomes The Sixth Hokage And Forgives Sasuke For His Crimes. Years Later, Kakashi Retires And Naruto Marries Hinata Hyuga And Becomes The Seventh Hokage, Raising The Next Generation.

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