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One Piece Manga Plot Story In English

The Series Focuses On Monkey D. Luffy, A Young Man Inspired By His Idol And The Powerful Robber “Red Haired” Shanks, Going On A Journey From The East Blue Sea In Search Of Treasure And Proclaiming Himself King Of The Pirates. In An Attempt To Organize His Own Crew, The Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy Rescues And Befriends A Swordsman Named Roronoa Zoro, And They Go In Search Of One Piece.

They Are Joined On Their Voyage By Nami, A Sailor And Thief, Usopp, A Real Shooter With A False Sense Of Humor, And Vinsmoke Sanji, A False Cook. They Found A Ship Called The Going Merry And Joined The Conflict With The Notorious East Blue Pirates.

As Luffy And His Crew Began Their Journey, Others Joined The Crew Later In The Series, Including Tony Chopper, A Physician And Anthropomorphized Reindeer, Nico Robin, An Expert In Martial Arts. Dig, Franky, A Cyborg Shipwright, Brook, A Musician And Tug-of-war, And Jimbei, A Pilot-pilot And A Former Member Of The Seven Seas.

Once The Going Merry Started To Deteriorate Beyond Remake, The Straw Hat Pirates Once Again Acquired A New Ship Dubbed The Thousand Sunny. Together, They Encounter Other Thieves, Moneylenders, Criminal Organizations, Insurgents, Secret Agents And Soldiers Of The Corrupt World Government, And Other Friends And Enemies, As They Sail The Seas To Pursue Their Dreams.

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