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Spider-Man 2099 Is A Fictional Superhero Who Appears In American Comic Books Published By Marvel Comics. The Character Was Created By Peter David And Rick Leonardi In 1992 For The Marvel Comic Series 2099 And Is A Futuristic Reimagining Of Its Namesake By Stan Lee And Steve Ditko, His Real Identity Is Miguel O’Hara.

A Brilliant Geneticist Living In New York (renamed Nueva York) In 2099 Who Tries To Recreate The Original Spider-Man’s Abilities In Other Humans And Then Gets Into An Accident That Causes Half Of It The DNA Will Be Rewritten With The Spider’s Genetic Code.


Spider-Man 2099 Comic Book Is Published By Marvel Comics.
Created by Peter David & Rick Leonardi


Miguel O’Hara Was Born In New York (futuristically Called Nueva York), Many Years After The End Of What His People In History Call The “Heroic Age,” That Is, The Modern Era Of Marvel Heroes. He Grows Up With His Mother Finch, Younger Brother Gabriel, And Abusive Father George O’Hara. A Rebellious Boy With Outstanding Intelligence, Miguel Is Still A Teenager When He Is Enrolled In The Alchemax School For Gifted Children (largely A Refurbished Version Of The X-Men Headquarters) In Westchester, Owned By The Powerful Mega-corporation Alchemax, Which Also Controls Local Law Enforcement.

Here He Became Friends With Sina Kwan, A Girl With The Same Intellect Who Specializes In Computers. Xina Helps Miguel Protect Himself From Bully Cron Stone, Son Of Tyler Stone, Alchemax’s Vice President Of Research And Development.

As Adults, Miguel And Xina Meet Seriously Until Miguel Cheats On Her With Dana D’Angelo, Who Is Originally The Girlfriend Of Miguel Gabe’s Brother. Miguel And Dana Are Later Engaged. Despite The Fact That Miguel Seems Arrogant And Confident In All Walks Of Life, He Is A Very Private Person And Trusts Almost No One, Except For Lila’s Holographic Assistant, An Artificial Intelligence Programmed By Xina.


Ultimately, Miguel Becomes The Head Of The Alchemax Genetic Program, Designed To Create New, Super-strong, Corporation-controlled Soldiers Called “corporate Raiders.” Miguel Is Especially Inspired By The Surviving Records Of Spider-Man And Hopes To One Day Create A Man With The Same Power. But After The Human Subject Dies During An Early Experiment, Miguel Tells Tyler Stone That He Wants To Leave Alchemax And End His Genetic Research. Instead Of Letting Miguel Leave, Tyler Stone Tricks Him Into Taking Rapture, An Addictive Drug That Is Genetically Tied To The User.

Tyler Reminds Miguel That Only Alchemax Is Authorized To Distribute This Drug Legally, So If O’Hara Does Not Stay With The Corporation, Tyler Must Assume That He Is Getting The Drug On The Black Market And Will Be Forced To Report It To The Police. Not Wanting To Be A Blackmailed Drug Addict, Miguel Recalls That During The Initial Experiments, He Entered His Own Genetic Code Into His Machine’s Databanks, Using It As A Sample Of Human DNA.

Intending To Use This Older Template Of His Pure Genetic Code To Record His Current Biology And Free Himself From Rapture, Miguel Sneaks Into Alchemax And Uses Machines To Change Genes On Himself.

After Miguel Turns On The Machine To Rewrite His DNA, His Jealous Subordinate Aaron Delgado Sabotages The Machines, Forcing Them To Change Miguel’s Genetic Code To Be “50% Spider DNA.” Miguel Survives, But Realizes That He Now Has Spider Abilities.

Realizing That There Is Now A Man With Abilities Similar To Spider-man, Tyler Stone Sends Agents To Hunt This Man. To Hide His Identity As He Battles His Pursuers, Miguel Wears A Bodysuit With A Mask He Once Wore To The Mexican Day Of The Dead Festival. Miguel Chooses This Suit, In Part, Because It Is His Only Clothing Made From “UMF” (Unstable Molecule Fabric), Which Means That It Is The Only Clothing That Will Not Be Ripped Or Torn By The Claws That Now Occupy His Arms And Legs.

After Seeing Him Act In Public, A Group Of Thorites (fans Of The Marvel Hero Thor) Conclude That Miguel Is The Legendary Spider-Man Who Has Risen From The Dead, And That He Is The Harbinger Of Thor’s Eventual Return.

Number Of Issues

Publication Date

  • Vol. 1: November 1992 – August 1996
  • Vol. 2: September 2014 – July 2015
  • Vol. 3: December 2015 – July 2017

Story Information

The Main Character

Miguel O’Hara

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Reflexes
  • Durability
  • Hearing
  • Enhanced Healing And Health
  • Enhanced Vision (Telescopic And Night-Vision)
  • Genius-Level Intelligence
  • Talons On Fingers And Toes (Which Helps In Wall-Crawling, Act As Weapons, And Can Be Folded Down)
  • Organic Webbing From Forearms
  • Temporary-Paralysis Venom From Fangs
  • Wears Indestructible Costume Of Unstable Molecule Fabric (UMF) With Air-Foil That Allows Gliding
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