Tokyo Ghoul (Tokyo Guru)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
  • Tokyo Ghoul
  • Tōkyō Gūru
  • Tokyo Guru
  • 東京喰種トーキョーグール

Tokyo Ghoul Manga Plot Story In English

The Story Followed Ken Kaneki, A Student Who Escaped A Tragic Accident With Rize Kamishiro, Whose Date Revealed Him To Be A Monster And Tried To Eat Him. He Was Taken To The Hospital In Critical Condition. When He Recovered, Kaneki Learned That He Had Undergone Surgery That Had Made Him A Half Ghoul.

It Could Have Been Because Some Of Rize’s Organs Had Been Taken Into Her Body, And Now, Like Normal Ghouls, Human Bodies Had To Be Destroyed In Order To Survive. Ghouls Who Ran The Coffee Shop Called “Anteiku” Took Him And Taught Him To Face His New Life As A Half-ghoul. Some Of His Daily Struggles Include Penetrating Into Public Society, As Well As Hiding His Identity From His Fellow Human Beings, Especially From His Best Friend, Hideyoshi Nagachika.

The First Tokyo Ghoul Series Follows Young Children Kishō Arima And Taishi Fura, Two People From The Main Series Becoming Familiar When They Team Up To Investigate The Death Of Taishi’s Friend At The Hands Of A Ghoul, Taishi’s Leader Later Following The Arima’s Way And Joined The CCG (Counter Ghoul Commission), The Independent Agency Empowered To Deal With Crimes Also Associated With Ghouls.

The Tokyo Ghoul Series: Re-follow The Amnesiac Kaneki Under The New Name Haise Sasaki The End Of The Brain Damage Made From Kishō Arima. He Was The Mentor Of A CCG Research Team Called The “Quinx Squad” That Also Demonstrated The Same System As Him, Allowing Them To Gain Special Ghouls Skills In Order To Fight. And Them, But They Are Still Able To Live Like Normal People.

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