Tower of God (Sin-ui Tap)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
  • Tower of God
  • Sin-ui Tap
  • 신의 탑

Tower of God Comic Manga In English

Twenty-five Skin Lived Alone His Entire Life Until He Met Rachel. However, Now Rachel Is Ready To Climb The Tower, And She Is Willing To Leave Bam Behind To Do So. When Rachel Disappeared Under The Veil Of Light, They Followed Her, Vowing To Go To The Tower In The Hope Of Meeting Her Again.

But The Castle Is A Dangerous Place Full Of Ancient Mysteries, Terrible Monsters, And Evil Princes. Each Floor Is Protected By A Ruler Who Puts Occupants Through Difficult Trials That Will Push Them To Their Limits.

As He Confronts Headon, The Master Of The First Floor, Bam Recognizes Him As An ” Unusual, ” Someone Who Was Not Selected By The Tower But Was Able To Enter On His Own, A Rarely Found In The Tower.

Whatever This Revelation, However, Its Path Forward Is Clear. Whether Rich, Powerful, Honorable, Or Reunited With Rachel, All Wishes Will Be Fulfilled At The Top Of The Tower.

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