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Venom Marvel Comic Plot In English

We Meet Eddie And Venom In A Crisis Situation. Eddie Uses Pharmaceutical Pills To Drown Out Venom’s Rambling And Incoherent Mumbling. Venom Talked More About Death And Murder Than Usual, Which Is Rather Disturbing.

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When Eddie Finds Out About A Criminal Conspiracy In The City, He Throws Himself, Pen In Hand, For A Hot Shovel. Instead, Venom Goes Into A Rage And Attacks The Police And Criminals.

Venom’s Appetite Has Grown Stronger, And Eddie Can Barely Contain It. The Couple Was Captured By A Veterinarian Named Rex Strickland, Who Asked Brock To Help Him Secure His Former Comrades Who Had Been Kidnapped.

These Were The Former Soldiers Who Were Used In The S.H.I.E.L.D Experiment With Symbiotic “sample” Particles. This Brings Us To Eddie’s Mission. The Symbiotes Who Have “Lost Control” And Speak A Different Language Attack Venom And Eddie.

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